Lormet Steel Design’s ace in the hole is the accurate precision in metal finishing, in order to obtain an impeccable aesthetic result.

The quality of Lormet Steel Design metal furniture is guaranteed by the reliability of our metal creations.

We transform your furnishing idea into a stylish product Lormet Steel Design is an artisan workshop specialized in metalworking for the furniture, construction and design sectors.

Customized metal creations, style, research and thirty years of experience serving the customer are the characteristics that allow us to transform an idea into refined metal furniture.

We produce any metal furniture detail, even in combination with wood and glass.

Among the most particular processes of Lormet Steel Design, brass stands out, in which the company has specialized since its inception.

For almost 30 years Lormet, specialized in the processing of stainless steel, iron, brass and aluminium, has been producing metal carpentry products for third parties.

The company is able to satisfy every type of client request, guaranteeing the management of the entire production process which starts from the design to the final assembly of the various components.

Processes such as cutting, punching and bending of sheet metal are carried out. Calendering, spot welding and welding are also carried out together with assembly and finishing operations.

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